Again with the circles

Artwork in Progress – Lisa CallStitching around and around

This is what has been happening in my studio for the past few weeks. I stitch the circles.

All of them are part of one textile pattern. This is a continuation of the black and white series that I did several years ago, on which was marked with paint on the fabric. An extension is the addition of color. At one point, black and white was enough for me

Sketch around

I also painted. Thinking about where I want to take these circles.

Square square circles have a long tradition of making patchwork. One of my first unfinished quilts (which I had done in my studio a long time ago) was “The Way to the Drunkard” – a design consisting of a quarter of circles (what exactly sounds – 1/4 of a circle). This is a much simpler way to sew circles on fabric than to go around.

This is the beginning of the sketch. This is faster than stitching, and after I make some progress in developing ideas, I will switch back to fabric.

PS – I am still working on a post, sharing my thoughts on inspiration from nature in my abstract works. I still do not understand what exactly I want to say, but already close. Hopefully next week I will have something ready to share.

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