Celebrate Halloween with FREE comics in midtown comics!

BOO! Scary times are coming when Halloween is coming!

Want something worse? How about mountains of FREE COMICS?

How can I get free comics?

In the store:

Celebrate Halloween with downtown comics and Halloween ComicFest! Stop by at any of our three locations on Saturday, October 26th and get a great selection of FREE Halloween themed comics! These books come first, they are served for the first time, and supplies last one day! Only a certain number of these names will be available in the store, and all names will be available online.


Get your free HCF titles here!

Head to MidtownComics.com on October 26th! All Halloween ComicFest 2019 games will be available online and will be broadcast at 10:00 on Saturday, October 26, for one day only!

These books come first, the first are distributed at a time when stocks exist, only one day! Remember that although books are free, a processing fee is charged for each book. All HCF names will be available online as long as they are available.



Please note: everyone is encouraged to have one copy of each HCF name, as long as stocks are available. Some publications will be in very limited quantities and should not last all day, and we recommend that you come / order online earlier. HCF books are not packed and clogged, condition (rating) is not guaranteed, replacements will not be available. All HCF names from our site will begin shipping on Wednesday, November 1. There may be delays due to the volume of orders. We appreciate your patience.

Keep in mind that although books are free, a processing fee is charged for each book.

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