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It’s summer in New Zealand – and here in Kapiti it means its time for fantastic sunsets.  We’ve been going on beach walks in the evening to enjoy the amazing displays.

My iphone photos don’t do the colors justice and every night we say “we should bring the good camera.”  Maybe tonight we will.

Or not.

Just walking and enjoying is the best part.

Every few months I make a landscape triptych based on my travels in New Zealand.  I’m pretty sure the next one up will be a Kapiti Island Evening Sky trio.


You might have noticed a few changes here on  my blog recently.

I have a second website – MakeBigArt.  Over the past few years I have worked to separate my teaching and coaching work from my artwork. All of the teaching focused writing and content is now on MakeBigArt.

This – my artist blog and website – is now a platform for me to focus on writing about my art.  Something I was losing track of as I spent more and more of my time writing about topics of interest to other artists – like time management and goals.

I am still writing about the back end side of being an artist.  Earlier this month I posted my annual 100 Accomplishments post along with a post about the power of the new year. I’ve shared my word for the year (priority).

As I restore all of the deleted blog posts from my original art blog I am putting the art related ones here and the art biz type ones over on makebigart.  It’s a slow process and also an incredibly rewarding one as I review the last 10 years of my art making through my writing.

So…  If you are interested in the back end goals and business side being an artists I encourage you to follow along at makebigart.

You can sign up for the makebigart monthly email newsletter (called the Dispatch) and my blog posts.

You can also subscribe to the blog posts via rss.

2018 Teaching and Coaching

Although I am keeping my teaching and coaching separate, I do occasionally mention it here.  Like today…

As I announced last year, in 2018 the only teaching I will be doing is my year long programs.  Starting on March 1 my year long master class will begin and I’m currently enrolling for two different section – Building a Foundation and Advanced Exhibits and Sales.  If you are interested you can learn more here:  2018 Master Class

I also have a studio focused year long program in 2018 and it is already sold out.  I also do individual coaching although my coaching schedule is also just about full for the year.


The final change you might have noticed is that I have turned off comments on my art blog. This does not mean I do not want to discuss art, I just felt that the comments on my blog were not the best place for this sort dialog.  I did a lot of reading on the pros and cons of turning off comments and the update to the new website felt like the time to make the switch.

Please email me or connect with me on social media if you want to connect.  I encourage and welcome dialog (and purchases!)

More Kapiti Evening Sky Photos

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