Hours Remaining for 100 Days

The past week we took a holiday road trip up to the northern most tip of New Zealand.  Stunning scenery.  White sand beach and clear blue water.  (Photos will be uploaded soon.)

Incredibly relaxing.

We’re now home – easing back into life.

My first project is packing up the artwork that sold while I was away.  Although today is Waitangi Day so the trip to the post shop will have to wait until tomorrow.

The individual artworks in Symphony in Black and White are only available for a few more hours.  You have until February 6, 2018 at midnight California Time – Pacific Standard Time to select and purchase your favorite(s).

The remaining work will be sold in larger groupings at the New Zealand Art Show and Christchurch Art Show in June.

You can browse the individual works here: Symphony in Black and White – the Individual Tiles.

A few of the tiles…

In Day 9 I love the big bold black shape contrasted with the thin painted lines.

Day 9, Contemporary Textile Painting/ Abstract Modern Art Quilt, 100 Days Project, Artist Lisa Call, Waikanae Beach, Kapiti, New Zealand

Symphony in Black and White – Day 9©Lisa Callfabric, dye, thread, acrylic paint, canvas5 x 5 inches (13 x 13 cm)

In Day 29 includes my most favorite piece of hand painted white fabric I created during the project.  I love the energy of all the lines and the layering of pattern. 

The addition of stitch adds even more richness and texture. 

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