Only 2 weeks left to register at the CG Master Academy

Only 2 weeks left to register at the CG Master Academy

The CGMA registration period in the fall of 2019 ends in just 2 weeks. CGMA has been providing affordable and affordable online art education for nearly a decade. Masters in the fields of art, games and VFX were hired by the academy for 6–10-week courses. These artists are also involved in developing the curriculum of each course to ensure that the material and industry requirements are consistent.

Below are the courses and programs available today that start dates are just around the corner. Learn from the best in the industry with pricing plans available for each course. Contact their admissions office to discuss registration or request a portfolio review – either by email at [email protected] or by calling (800) – 959 – 0316.

Mentoring of the director of visual development and artistic direction with Anthony Kristov

Introduction to the Perspective

Foundations of digital art

The Absolute Beginner – FULL!


Dynamic drawing 1

Dynamic drawing 2

Drawing of the analytical figure

The Basics of Design

A sketch of the environment

The Basics of Character Design

Digital painting

The Art of Color and Light

Become the best artist with Rob Chang

Character Design Mentoring with Carlos Grangel

Character design for films and games

Head drawing and construction

Character design for animation

Character design for production

Creature design for films and games

Anatomy of clothing

Figure: anatomy of style

Digital portraiture

Fundamentals of architectural design

Fundamentals of Environmental Design

A sketch of the environment for production

The concept of environmental design

Environment Painting and design

The matte painting

Thematic design of the environment

Drawing and rendering technique for equipment design

Illustration of a keyframe for production

Narrative illustration and characters

Mentoring for storytelling and storyboard

Storyboard for the animation

The development of history for artists: from idea to reality

The basics of modern 2D animation

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