Recent works at Oldboro

The other day, we installed a stone in Oldboro, and it was an opportunity to see some of my previous commissions, some of which are shown below. They vary greatly in style, design and materials. I used all my hand-drawn fonts and hand-carved fonts. I hope you enjoy them, old stones begin to weather well.

Moleans limestone from Portugal

The stone above was a monument to a friend who ran an Oldboro antique shop. The stone has links to some of his furniture and a bell that was attached to his door and rang at the entrance. I miss Terry, he was a real character. He always gave things to my children … ..

Here are a few more

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<p class= Crossland Hill York Stone ]

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<p class= Crossland Hill Yorkstone

At the top is the York Stone Memorial, showing the front and back of the stone. Marianne was Moari, and the symbolism on the stone reflects her genealogy. The raised thread of Koru on the front was copied from the pendant she wore, and the fern thread on the back symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.

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<p class= Woodkirk, Yorkshire

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<p class= Woodkirk, Yorkshire

This stone above was for a local resident of German descent, and designs and inscriptions were created to give the stone a Germanic appearance. I designed and drew these letters specifically for this commission. Perfectly eroded.

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<p class= Woodkirk stone, Yorkshire


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<p class= Woodkirk stone, from Yorkshire

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<p class= detail from the Cook memorial above

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<p class= detail from the Denham Memorial above

Above are two more York stone memorials, one of which is decorated with lily carvings, and the other with an Ethiopian cross.

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<p class= A monolithic piece of Welsh slate

This wonderful piece of stone I met in a quarry in Wales. I knew Alan, he was a great guy, a passionate fisherman. The stripes made me think about water.

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Above, another piece of York stone carved on both sides, as you can see. Norwich's mother's words from Norwich adorn the back with an early Christian inspiration featuring carved pigeons on the back, complementing the relief carvings at the front.

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<p id= Sanded Welsh Slate

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<p id= Honed Welsh slate

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<p class= Penny stone piece

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<p class= detail from the Penny stone

This is a Welsh slate. Penny was my friend and neighbor and was very fond of her flowers. She was a beautiful woman whom many missed. Working with slate gives a completely different effect, it is more like an illustration than a sculpture. The accuracy of the letters and the level of detail that can be achieved in the slate are very complex and useful.

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<p class= Nabrezinsky limestone from the border of Croatia and Italy

This last image shows a cross made using the Nabresina limestone. I really like the simplicity of this and the subtle blue color of the paint.

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