The Value of Daily Sketching

A selection of Daily I-Pad Sketches – January 2018

More Black and White

In addition to the black and white textile work I have been focusing on this year, my ipad is filling up with small digital sketches – also in black and white.

I’m a firm believer in the value of sketching for the sake of sketching.  It is an integral part of my art making process.  It’s part of how I process the world around me.

I compare artists doing daily sketching to musicians practicing scales daily. It keeps us connected to the foundational elements of our art.

In the past I’ve focused on representational sketching, teaching myself how to draw.  Which is really more about seeing than drawing.

This year I wanted to focus on abstract sketching.

I find it to be an excellent way to explore and learn more about design – a keystone element in making interesting abstract artwork.   It’s also a chance to experiment with more mark making – a new component of my textile work.

I love the speed of sketching, in comparison to the slow and steady and meditative pace of working with fiber.  Most of my sketches take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete.  A blink of the eye compared to the 20-40 hours it takes to complete a medium sized black and white textile painting with mark making.

Here I share a selection of the sketches I’ve completed this year.


I use the brushes redux app for my sketching.

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